Air Release Vinyle

12Any design that is applied to the exterior of an automobile is known as a vehicle graphic. Highly artistic designs like the ones found in high-end paint jobs, can now easily be achieved at a fraction of the cost. Any business looking to advertise through this method will usually hire a specialized company that is dedicated to creating effective vehicle graphics and fleet advertising programs.

A well-known example of vehicle graphics is the large markings found on the sides of trailers and RVs, though current trends in the car customization world have led to more contemporary designs. These newer vehicle graphics basically turn a company car into a rolling billboard. The process of applying graphics to a vehicle can be broken down into the three components of designing, printing and installing.

For cost reasons, most graphics today are applied using vinyl applications, although some owners will still spend the extra money to have a vehicle painted. The design is usually the most important, yet difficult, part of the process when creating a vehicle graphic. Depending on the style of vehicle and complexity of the design involved, a business may hire an advertising company, or some outside creative agency, to handle the design portion of the process. Innovations in adhesive-backed vinyl, combined with advances in full-color and outdoor durable ink, have led to one of the most cost effective ways to advertise a business. A good design and logo will speak volumes about a company.13

Once the design is finalized, customized vinyl panels will be created based on the vehicle templates that are created. This process involves large vinyl sheets being printed onto manageable panels for a quicker and easier installation process. Cast lamination and quality inks are essential to ensuring the graphics will stay vibrant for a number of years. Companies can often buy products and re-prints at wholesale prices, for resale purposes, to keep that image fresh in the mind of the potential consumers.

Professional installers will carefully align the vinyl panels to ensure the best fit possible. A small tool like a heat gun is used to stretch and position the vinyl, and an air release tool and squeegee are used to eliminate any bubbles before final installation. The goal of these vehicle graphics being a custom airbrushed look, without the high expense and time required to complete a custom paint job.
Comparing the monthly cost of a vehicle graphic to advertising in radio, television, or newspaper for a month, it will be clear for a business to see how cost-effective this type of advertising really is. With the belief that high visibility will create lasting impressions for a corporations brand identifications, vehicles can easily be turned into mobile advertising opportunities. A successful vehicle graphics company can help any business create their desired vehicle ad campaign.


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